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about the blog - About the Blog

Hi everyone I’m Agustin Cherry, I’m 33 years old and I’m a fan of motorcycles since I was very small. When I started working when I was 18 years old, my first acquisition was a motorcycle, because it was my dream since I was very young.

I think it was a passion that inherits from my father, who is also very fanatical of everything that has to do with motorcycles and that always wanted to have a collection of the best bikes of each decade.

That’s why since I was little I got interested, which I certainly don’t regret because it’s a passion that doesn’t compare to anything. Being driving on two wheels and feeling the wind hit you in your face, is the closest sensation to what freedom is.

A motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle with engine characteristics, design and everything related to its structure totally different from what we see as a car. It’s another great way to transport yourself, and there are thousands of models and hundreds of brands that will leave you surprised.

Being motorcycles a topic of general interest, I really wanted to undertake a project that involves me and at the same time my passion. That’s why I decided to create this website.

In Speedmob you can find everything related to motorcycles, from facts, information, recommendations, critics, and much more. So you can know a little more about it and can put into practice all the knowledge in case you have any.

But you can also find all the information on the most important events in the world of motorcycling. Competitions, preset, launches, exhibitions and any other event of great importance.

The goal of the creation of this page is that all people who really feel the same passion that I do for motorcycles, or simply if it’s a subject that catches their attention, can know much more about this world through the publications that are made on the web page.

I was the creator of the idea, but without doubt this wouldn’t have been possible without the great super prepared team that works with me. From which the man who help to the creation of the page, the designer, the writers, and much more.

And the number of visits that the website has had over time has undoubtedly left me very surprised and totally grateful to all the people who really care about our content.

We receive all kinds of comments with all the pleasure of the world, with the desire to continue growing to continue informing them in the best way and become the most visited website on motorcycling on the Internet. We are a community of fans of motorcycles, so welcome everyone.