Isle of the Man TT Perhaps it is the most famous motorcycling competition in the world. The Isle of Man race has been held between Ireland and England since 1907, and according to statistics it is the most dangerous competition on the planet.

It is in the Snaefell mountain course, 38 miles of winding routes that surround this island, as it is open country crosses villages. Competitors can go around 130 mph.

Around 240 runners have lost their lives in this race throughout history, and not only spectators but also because of the riskiness of this competition are that it is so popular among this type of fans.

North West 200


It was created in 1929 and is similar am to Isle of Man, North West 200 is a race that takes place in Northern Ireland and is held between Portstewart, Coleraine and Portrush. The circuit is known as the triangle and due to its design allows runners can reach exceed 200 mph.

Despite its great speeds, there’re almost no tragic accidents, only 15 since it started in 1979. One of the problems is the lack of security in some areas where some signs are removed and wrapped with bales of hay around the light and telegraph poles.



The Dakar Rally was created in 1979, when the first event was held when the route was drawn from Paris to Dakar Senegal. It is a very dangerous route since it has to cross the African desert and cross long routes.

Coupled with the terrorists made the race was canceled in 2008 and rescheduled on a new route in South America exactly between Argentina and Chile in 2009 this race allows various types of vehicles such as motorcycles, cars and bicycles, also has Shabby losses around 60.

Baja 1000:


Created in 1967 and carried out in the Mexican Baja California peninsula every year, different types of vehicles such as motorcycles, buggies, trucks and other racing machines are called. The race varies the distance between 600 and 1000 miles depending on the design of the course.

Most of the terrain of the race is desert, but the fans make it more dangerous, with the hope that something exciting happens. The event passed the famous motocross driver Kurt Caselli died after striking an animal apparently mind.

Pike’s Peak:


Created in 1916 in Colorado in the international hills of Pike’s Peak, although the majority of enrolled are of cars are also allowed motorcycles. The objective of these races is easy to climb the 12.42-mile track as fast as possible. There are 156 spins that increase 1440 m, the record has Carlin Dunne in Ducati Multistrada 1200, who completed the circuit in just 9 min 52 seconds a speed of 121.4Kph you may not think it is very impressive but the moment Seeing that you do not have a barrier on the sides and you can fall down makes it even impressive. Although this race is quite dangerous, there are not many deaths records since its inception.